Envizio Pro VRA

Date: Oct 03, 2008 --

Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Raven Industries is excited to announce single product variable rate application (VRA) capabilities now available on Envizio Pro field computers. With today’s rising input costs, farmers require precise chemical applications. Variable rate application capitalizes on Envizio Pro’s enhanced prescription map capabilities to get more out of the field - and do it with less waste and a smaller chemical footprint. Importing and retrieving prescription maps is fast and simple with compatibility to most ag mapping software. And since the Envizio Pro is so user-friendly, even those who have never tried VRA or similar technology, can now with ease.

“We are very excited to offer variable rate capabilities on the already popular Envizio Pro field computer,” says Shane Swedlund, Product Manager at Raven Industries, “With this feature, growers can now control their input costs more effectively by placing less fertilizer and pesticides in areas where they are less desirable and maintaining levels where they can maximize yields. Plus with Envizio Pro’s simple-to-use interface, we made it easy for people to operate, even if they never tried technology like this before.”

The Envizio Pro multi-function field computer puts users in complete control of their precision ag system - and allows them to reap the full potential of every phase in their farming operation.

Envizio Pro high value features and benefits include:

  • Multi-functional design
  • Brilliant 6.4” touch-screen display
  • Integrated DGPS sub-meter receiver
  • Enhanced “Last Pass” guidance
  • 3-D moving-map guidance display with multiple screen views
  • Four field patterns
  • Industry compatible technology
  • Real-time data mapping, field reports, and record keeping
  • Dual-product control
  • Optional single product VRA - Now Available for Raven CAN bus systems or 4x0/6x0 series consoles

Accessing VRA capabilities on the Envizio Pro requires an activation key. For more information regarding this feature, please contact your local Raven brand dealer, visit ravenprecision.com, or call 800.243.5435.