New Enhancements to Hawkeye™ 2.0

Hawkeye HD

Hawkeye HD will give customers individual nozzle on/off, with unparalleled precision that reduces costly skips or overlaps. Customers using Hawkeye today can upgrade to HD with a simple unlock – no need to change hardware to take advantage of this feature.  We understand that for customers to prove an ROI, sometimes they need to see it firsthand.  That is why we now have the capability for customers with the base Hawkeye system to try HD at no cost for up to 20 hours.  Free trials are now available through a one-time access key that can be obtained through Raven’s product service group.

Virtual Section Capability

Virtual section capability allows the operator to program additional sections for on/off control, with up to sixteen sections through the Viper® 4 field computer. This feature comes on the Hawkeye base system and provides more section control and a higher ROI than traditional shut-off systems. Learn more about how virtual section control can work for you on our YouTube channel.

Sidekick Pro™ ICD - Direct Injection Compatibility

Raven is introducing Sidekick Pro ICD (ISO Client Device) along with Hawkeye 2.0.  The Sidekick Pro ICD direct injection system is designed to be controlled by the master ISO controller (e.g., Hawkeye ECU) to eliminate the need to set-up, configure, and operate in separate interfaces.  Up to five (5) Sidekick Pro ICD systems can be controlled through the Hawkeye object pool, making the user experience much more convenient.  The Sidekick Pro ICD still delivers the benefits of all Sidekick Pro injection systems by providing a clean and accurate method to inject additional chemicals into the line as needed, without worrying about tank mixing or clean out at the end of the day. Direct injection gives you greater flexibility in your applications, so you can handle weed resistance and other challenges operators face every day. Hawkeye can now accommodate the use of up to five injection systems on one machine when used with a Viper 4 field computer.