Raven Announces release of RavenCruizer.com

Date: Jan 18, 2008 --

In order to keep up with consumer’s demand for instant, convenient marketplace exchange, Raven Industries is excited to announce a new e-commerce system that is designed to simplify the buying experience for customers and to increase Cruizer revenues for you, our participating Cruizer distributors. This e-commerce site will allow consumers to make direct purchases of Cruizers online for list price and Raven will fulfill those orders on your behalf.

As a participating Raven Cruizer distributor, you will have the opportunity to receive the credit for this sale. Before completing an online sales transaction, each buyer will be required to select a servicing dealer from a list sorted by the closest proximity to the user’s location. The dealer that the buyer selects, presumably based on locality near the buyer, will be credited 25% of the Cruizer sale. The buyer will also have the option to select any participating dealer in the United States from the list, regardless of proximity.

Summary of how the transaction will take place:

  • Customers will visit the e-commerce site and add a Cruizer to their shopping cart.
  • Cruizers will be sold at list price.
  • Before checkout, the buyer will be required to select a servicing dealer.
  • The list of servicing dealers will be sorted by closest proximity to the customer.
  • After the transaction is approved, Raven will fulfill the order and ship the Cruizer purchase direct to the customer.
  • The selected distributor will be credited 25% of the sale and the customer contact information will be provided to the distributor for future sales opportunities.

Raven has joined a host of successful companies by integrating e-commerce as a component in our sales mix. People shop in different ways and e-commerce offers our customers the luxury of shopping from home. Raven Industries already has the necessary components for successful e-commerce in place. Raven’s website attracts high traffic and is marketed effectively through print ads, radio ads and product packaging. Raven’s website is easy to navigate and will be programmed to accept orders online and process money transactions.

We at Raven are excited to embark on this change and believe that it will produce higher sales and greater customer satisfaction. Again, we could not do this alone and always search for ways to reward our distributors for their loyalty.

Please contact your Raven Territory Sales Representative or call Raven Industries at (800) 243-5435 for more information.