Raven Industries Announces Another Slingshot API Implementation With SSI’s Agvance


SIOUX FALLS, S.D., May 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Raven Industries (Nasdaq:RAVN), is excited to announce its second Slingshot® API implementation in the past two months. The Slingshot API, or Application Programming Interface, is a software-to-software interface that is invisible to the end-user providing a simple way for one software system to communicate with another. This most recent partnership with Software Solutions Integrated (SSI) will utilize the Slingshot API within their Agvance suite of software products.

The Slingshot API also ensures consistent delivery of job data, and eliminates the necessity to deliver job information to the field on paper or USB hard drive, which are both inefficient, with a high risk of being lost or misplaced and in general are more costly to the operator.  “We are really excited with how SSI has leveraged the power of the Slingshot API within Agvance Dispatch.  Customers will absolutely benefit from this new opportunity to more effectively share information between the office and the machine,” says Slingshot Sales Specialist, Colin Pollock. “Agvance not only utilizes this capability, but it also uses machine location data found in the Slingshot API to more effectively deliver this information to the nearest machine for the job.”

Version 5.0 of Agvance Dispatch is available today and is Slingshot API enabled. Currently, the integration allows users to plot Slingshot Field Hubs and associated pending jobs on a map for a dispatcher to effectively manage as well as sends VRA files to machines in the field. There are also new features in development that will produce even greater efficiencies for our customers in the future.

“The ultimate goal of the integration between Agvance Dispatch and Slingshot is to simplify the process of delivering the necessary information and files to the in-field computer at the right time,” says VP of Marketing at SSI, Dave Craft. “By making this one simple step that can be done without complicated user interaction, we are making jobs easier to complete and facilitating greater efficiency for custom applicators.”

If you have questions about Slingshot or the Slingshot API, visit www.ravenslingshot.com or call (800) 243-5435 to learn more about how you can get started today. For more information about SSI and Agvance, please visit www.agvance.net or call (800) 752-7912.

About SSI

Software Solutions Integrated, LLC is a leading developer of agribusiness software with over 2400 installations throughout the US and internationally. For over 30 years, SSI has been helping companies gain efficiencies and improve profitability through its integrated software and industry knowledge. Their Agvance® line of software products allows agribusiness companies to integrate business process functions from every facet of their operation.  From diversified cooperatives to leading national distributors, SSI has a proven track record and industry reputation for successful software implementations.

About Raven Industries

Since 1978, Raven has helped define the concept of precision agriculture and continues to create ground-breaking ideas and products that improve the position of growers around the world. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for agricultural innovation, product reliability and unmatched service and support. From field computers to boom controls, from GPS guidance to steering systems, Raven is leading the way for precision ag technology that delivers in the field. In partnership with our network of Raven dealers and distributors, we’re helping growers of all sizes and types work smarter, reduce input costs and increase yields and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less and getting more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.

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