Raven Industries Announces New Autoboom “Glide” Series

Sioux Falls, SD - Raven Industries announces their newest product, the Autoboom “Glide” series. Autoboom is a height control system that provides hydraulic leveling and height control of agricultural spray booms. The new Glide series will include the PowerGlide, PowerGlide Plus, and UltraGlide systems.

With this new series, Raven provides a range of control options for boom leveling, as well as two higher-end systems. The new Glide series is modeled after previous G1 and G2 Autoboom systems, but with simplified installation, calibration, and operation processes and can now be operated through the Viper, Envizio Plus, and SCS 4000 Series controllers.

  • PowerGlide - The PowerGlide system features a compact, easy-to-use console and independent left and right engaging. It is ideal for trailed or self-propelled sprayers and is a great entry-level system. It is also upgradeable to the PowerGlide Plus or UltraGlide system.
  • PowerGlide Plus - The PowerGlide Plus system is modeled after the previous G1 Autoboom system, using the new suspension wheel design to detect the ground. The PowerGlide Plus features easy installation and calibration processes and is available in either CAN bus or standard configuration.
  • UltraGlide - The UltraGlide system is modeled after the previous G2 Autoboom system, featuring ultrasonic sensors, one-button calibration, and simple installation. The UltraGlide system compensates for varying machine hydraulic pressure to ensure a constant leveled height and is available in either CAN bus or standard configuration.

With all systems featuring simplified calibration, easy operation, and improved performance, this product delivers accurate results and is ideal for use as a stand alone system or integrated with the Raven Viper, Envizio Plus, and SCS 4000 Series controllers.

“Raven’s Glide series of Autoboom provides our customers with the simplicity, flexibility, performance, and competitive price they have come to expect from the Raven product lines,” says Rodney Scholten, Raven Autoboom Product Champion. “It boosts Raven far ahead of the competition for boom management.”

The Autoboom Glide series will be available in November 2006 from authorized Raven distributors and dealers. Click here for a distributor directory.

Celebrating 50 years of business innovation, Raven Industries was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1956, as a manufacturer of high-altitude research balloons for NASA and the American space program. From a single product line, they have evolved into a successful, diversified manufacturer publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN). Raven Industries’ Flow Controls Division has provided precision solutions to the agriculture market for more than 25 years. From flow controls to high accuracy GPS and steering systems, Raven leads the way in integrating technology for today’s agricultural market.