Raven Industries Releases New Phoenix 300 DGPS Receiver

Date: Oct 16, 2006 --

Sioux Falls, SD --Raven Industries announces the release of their new Phoenix 300 GPS receiver. The Phoenix 300 combines Raven receiver technology with a Novatel OEM engine to present a dual frequency (L1/L2), high-performance receiver capable of utilizing multiple frequencies and differential correction modes.

The Phoenix 300 is a WAAS CDGPS and OmniSTAR VBS capable receiver that can be upgraded to OmniSTAR XP and HP (requires subscription service). It is capable of both Sub-meter and Decimeter correction accuracies, dependant on the correction signal being used. The Phoenix 300 also boasts such functions as Simulated Radar Output, replacing the need for a radar speed sensor, and AutoRestart Mode, which allows for quicker differential convergence times on start-up, making delays a thing of the past.

Ideal for use with the Raven SmarTrax or new QuickTrax steering systems, as well as with the Envizio Plus and RGL Lightbar guidance systems, the Phoenix 300 uses a helix-style antenna for more efficient tracking of satellites that are positioned low on the horizon. An in-cab receiver allows for instant access to configurations and settings.

“The Phoenix 300 provides an economical, scalable, and ultra-high accuracy DGPS receiver in the same package," says Marlin Melander, Marketing Manager of Raven's Flow Control's Division. "If the grower decides that he needs a higher level of accuracy than sub-meter, say for strip till, planting, or marking out rows, he can activate the decimeter mode and use the OmniSTAR XP or HP correction signal.”

This receiver joins the Phoenix 200 in the new Raven line of receivers that combines Raven receiver design with GPS engine technology from leading companies in the industry, making this line one of the most powerful and accurate receiver lines on the market.

The Phoenix 300 GPS receiver will be available in October 2006 from authorized Raven distributors and dealers. For a distributor directory, visit our Distributor Locator.

Celebrating 50 years of business innovation, Raven Industries was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1956, as a manufacturer of high-altitude research balloons for NASA and the American space program. From a single product line, they have evolved into a successful, diversified manufacturer publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN). Raven Industries’ Flow Controls Division has provided precision solutions to the agriculture market for more than 25 years. From flow controls to high accuracy GPS and steering systems, Raven leads the way in integrating technology for today’s agricultural market.