Raven Industries Shares its Vision at 2008 Technology Conference

Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Raven Industries (RAVN) hosted its eighth annual Tech Conference in Sioux Falls, SD. The event served as a melting pot for resellers from across the world to hear about Raven’s strategies, new products, marketing plan, and vision for the future.

Tech Conference also provided an opportunity for Raven to hear feedback on their products and views on where the market is headed. At the event, Raven awarded over 85 resellers an Outstanding Sales Growth Award, far surpassing the number of awards given in previous years.

Other highlights from Tech Conference include a hands on segment that led resellers to the Raven Precision Solutions Center, a renowned research facility dedicated to precision agriculture development, testing, and education, where they were given the opportunity to try out Raven equipment first hand while learning about the technology from Raven engineers. This largely popular event allowed Raven employees to learn about the needs of the market place while teaching new advances in precision agriculture technology.

At Raven, advanced doesn’t mean complicated. Just the opposite, actually. It is summed up best by the new tagline - Simply improving your position. Raven engineers approach every product design with two objectives: reliability and simplicity. And since Raven is on the leading edge in terms of innovation and development, we’re quick to deliver the latest in “simple and affordable”. From field computers and GPS guidance to boom controls and steering systems, Raven has you covered. In partnership with our network of Raven dealers and distributors, we’re helping growers of all sizes and types work smarter, reduce input costs, and increase yields and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less to get more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.