Raven Introduces ISO BUS Compatible Autoboom System

Date: Feb 11, 2008 --

Sioux Falls, SD - Raven Industries introduces a new ISOBUS compatible Autoboom system that makes Autoboom compatible with AGCO GTA and John Deere GS2 displays. Designed to the ISO 11783 protocol (the industry standard network for connecting electronics and devices), customers can now enjoy the proven performance of Autoboom without adding another display in the cab.

Raven Autoboom allows growers to spray faster and more accurately by automatically adjusting the height of the spray booms as they travel across the field. For the operator, this means that they spend less time watching their booms and trying to prevent them from hitting the ground or crop. Autoboom detects changes in ground height and adjusts the boom height accordingly. Autoboom not only helps decrease driver fatigue and wear and tear on a machine, but also increases the accuracy and coverage of the application.

“The ISOBUS compatible Autoboom system is the answer to repeated customer requests for a fully-functional system that can also save space in the cab,” says Paul Welbig, Business Development Manager of Raven Industries. “Simply plug the Autoboom ISO node onto the ISOBUS network and full control of the Autoboom system can now be achieved through a compatible third party display. The ISOBUS compatible Autoboom integrates new technology with the same proven functionality of the original Autoboom. ”

The Raven ISOBUS compatible Autoboom system will be available immediately at authorized Raven distributors and dealers.