Raven Introduces New Automatic Boom Shutoff System

Date: May 02, 2007 --

Sioux Falls, SD--Raven Industries announces the release of the SmartBoom automatic boom control system. The SmartBoom system offers automatic boom valve section control, which turns boom sections on or off, reducing costly spraying errors such as skips and overlaps. The SmartBoom provides a true “plug and play” compliment to the Raven SCS family of rate controllers.

The SmartBoom system is similar to the existing AccuBoom system, but it is a completely self-contained system, eliminating the need to use an Envizio Plus or Viper to control the system. Using “spray” or “no spray zone” areas, the SmartBoom controller automatically turns the boom section off if the boom section is in a previously applied area, eliminating overlaps. It also eliminates skips by turning boom sections back on after leaving a previously applied area.

The SmartBoom system can control up to seven boom sections at a time and is compatible with the Raven SCS series controllers (SCS 440, 450, 460, and 660). In addition, the SmartBoom system will work with any GPS receiver that has a minimum update rate of 4 Hz.

According to Shane Swedlund, Technical Service Manager for Raven Flow Controls, “The SmartBoom is a simple, cost-effective boom section control option for Raven SCS 400 and SCS 600 series users. The SmartBoom easily tees into standard Raven harnesses, allowing for a quick and clean install.”

The SmartBoom system will be available in the Spring of 2007 for $1995 from authorized Raven distributors and dealers.

Please contact your Territory Sales Representative, Precision Ag Specialist, or call Raven Industries at 800-243-5435 for more information.

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