Raven Introduces Simple, Affordable Cruizer™ Guidance System

Date: Nov 27, 2007 --

SIOUX FALLS, SD—Raven Industries, a worldwide leader in precision agriculture, has announced the release of its newest guidance system designed with simplicity and affordability in mind.

The new Raven Cruizer is a compact 3-D guidance system that provides a high degree of functionality at a competitive price, allowing growers who have not yet adopted guidance to do so at a reasonable price—helping growers save time, money and labor.

Raven Cruizer offers a unique combination of easy operation and installation—with sophisticated options previously found only in products costing twice as much. Its built-in 10Hz DGPS receiver provides accurate sub-meter guidance during tillage, spraying, harvesting and other operations—helping growers improve effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Installing Cruizer is a simple do-it-yourself, two-step process that takes a few minutes. The unit comes packaged with a RAM Mount mounting bracket, power cable with adapter plug for instant in-cab power and an external DGPS antenna. Cruizer can also be easily removed for use in other tractors, equipment or even your pickup.

Cruizer features a large 5.7” color touch screen display that is highly visible in both day and night modes. Icon-based menus and status indicators are easy to understand — and operate with a simple touch to the display screen. The high-resolution display provides swath guidance and coverage area information using both aerial (bird’s eye) and downfield 3-D perspectives combined with traditional LED indicators.

A field review screen helps verify coverage by showing skipped areas as well as allowing calculation of acreage contained inside a defined boundary. Cruizer’s Last Pass guidance is the industry’s easiest-to-operate contour guidance technology. The system guides the operator to one swath-width from any previously applied area. The operator can easily switch on the go between straight line (A to B) and Last Pass guidance patterns, making Cruizer ideal for use in terraced fields or along waterways.

Raven Cruizer is fully compatible with Raven’s SmarTrax and QuickTrax systems—allowing growers to upgrade from guidance to the most advanced, user-friendly sub-meter steering system on the market. Cruizer can also be used with Raven’s tilt module for sloping terrain areas

Cruizer is the latest innovation in precision agriculture from Raven. Raven is committed to developing new technologies that allow growers to farm more precisely, efficiently and profitably. Raven products include guidance, assisted steering, planter control and GPS systems—all backed with unmatched customer service and support.