Raven Releases New Envizio Plus

Date: Oct 03, 2006 --

Sioux Falls, SD -- Raven Industries announces the release of their newest multi-use system, the Envizio Plus. The Envizio PLus offers all of the same great guidance features as the Envizio, but with added AccuBoom, Autoboom and data logging capabilities. The addition of the AccuBoom feature gives users automatic boom section control, offering hands-free spray control of their booms with respect to their coverage map, while the Autoboom feature provides worry-free operation of hydraulically leveled booms. With the addition of the data logging feature, the Envizio Plus will be able to get actual rate information from a Raven console and has the capability to data log up to five products. There is also a simple application report function available that allows users to create and view reports without the need of shapefile viewing software.

The Envizio Plus offers a variety of views such as: down-field view, birds-eye view, GPS status screen with the AutoDetect feature, field boundaries to total acres, and field map review with zoom and vehicle lock. In addition, Envizio Plus reduces the common AB button presses and allows you to save your AB line, making job startup easier than ever before. Another important feature for the Envizio Plus is guidance patterns, which include the Last Pass guidance pattern that allows the user to switch between the Last Pass and Straight pattern - all while in the same job! There is also a Pivot pattern available for areas where a circle or arc pattern is needed.

The Envizio Plus also features state-of-the-art design with a RAM mounting system. It also displays both field acres and coverage acres. The Envizio Plus combines lightbar LED's with a 3-D color touch screen, offering a compact hardware design, loaded with powerful software capabilities. The Envizio Plus can be used as a stand-alone guidance system, or as the interface to existing Raven lightbars, as well as the SmarTrax and QuickTrax systems. Offering two USB ports, the Envizio Plus allows operators the option to copy jobs and update software without special hardware or cables.

According to Matthew Willard, Business Development Manager for Raven Flow Controls, "The Envizio Plus is a natural extension to the very popular Envizio guidance system. The Envizio now provides not only a 3-D color touch screen for guidance, but also the capability to operate AccuBoom boom section management and Autoboom boom height management...all in the same user-friendly Envizio style. The Envizio Plus is truly the most versatile, user-friendly system on the market."

The Envizio Plus will be available in October 2006 from authorized Raven distributors. In order to utilize the AccuBoom or AutoBoom feature, a CAN AccuBoom or CAN Autoboom kit is required. Existing Envizio systems can be upgraded to Envizio Plus. To locate a distributor near you, click here.

Celebrating 50 years of business innovation, Raven Industries was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1956, as a manufacturer of high-altitude research balloons for NASA and the American space program. From a single product line, they have evolved into a successful, diversified manufacturer publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN). Raven Industries’ Flow Controls Division has provided precision solutions to the agriculture market for more than 25 years. From flow controls to high accuracy GPS and steering systems, Raven leads the way in integrating technology for today’s agricultural market.