Raven Releases Viper 2.08 Software

Date: Feb 14, 2007 --

Sioux Falls, SD-- Raven Industries announces the release of Viper software version 2.08. This software version adds many new features to the current Viper 2 platform, including:

  • Boom Position Indicator – The width and relative position of the coverage booms are now shown on the coverage map. This feature makes it easier to identify potential overlaps and helps in lining up a new swath. Guidance AB Lines – Up to 5 AB lines can now be saved for each field and recalled at a later date.
  • AutoBoom Control – Full setup and control of the Raven PowerGlide Plus and UltraGlide AutoBoom systems can now be performed from the Viper.
  • CAN AccuBoom and AutoBoom Control With Serial Consoles – CAN AccuBoom and AutoBoom control is now available even if the Viper is connected to a serial control Raven console.
  • Tilt Sensor Setup – Setup of the Raven TM1 Tilt Sensor can now be performed from the Viper.
  • Greenseeker™ – The Viper can now be connected to the GreenSeeker system and provides real-time variable rate product control and mapping of coverage.
  • CAN Alarm Auto Clear – Off Rate and Low Limit CAN alarms now automatically clear from the Viper screen when the alarm condition is no longer present.
  • Reset Field Totals – Field acreage and volume totals can now be reset while in a job.
  • Simplified Setup including:
    • Simplified Boom Setup – Now simply enter the number of booms and boom widths and the Viper automatically calculates boom center locations. A simplified summary screen displays boom setting and allows quick access to modify boom settings.
    • Speed Cal Assistant – A new speed cal assistant steps through the setup of speed cal settings.
    • Pulse Width Valve Calibration Assistant – A new calibration assistant simplifies the setup of PWM max and min settings.
    • Spreader Constant Assistant – A new spreader constant assistant eliminates manual calculation to establish spreader constants.
  • AccuBoom Enhancements:
  • Improved Boundary Map Control – AccuBoom has been enhanced to eliminate potential boom turn-on at the edges of fields.
  • Random Skip Elimination – AccuBoom has been revised to eliminate random skips seen in earlier versions of AccuBoom.
  • Speed Override – When application speed drops below 0.7 MPH, an AccuBoom override button automatically pops up to permit overriding the AccuBoom control to minimize potential skip issues. This feature can also be turned off if not needed.
  • CASE Viper PGM C Node – AccuBoom will now function on CASE liquid machines with PGM C Boom/Speed nodes.
  • No Activation Key – AccuBoom is now available without having to enter an activation key.
  • External Lightbar Center Lights – Viper now illuminates the center light of Raven lightbars for improved night time viewability.
  • Enhanced Bin Chaining Features – Bin chaining has been enhanced to check for correct bin setup and to warn the user if the setup is not correct.
  • NH3 Tank Reports – Anhydrous tank numbers can now be entered in the Viper report and displayed on the Rbin report (Requires Rbin 1.10 or later)
  • Demo Program – The Viper demo program has been updated to include the AutoBoom setup as well as all other feature enhancements of Viper 2.08 software.
  • Rbin 1.12 – Rbin 1.12 allows the user to edit key information such as customer information, product information, and weather conditions on your office computer after the file has been saved and removed from the Viper system.

Viper systems purchased after February 15, 2007 will have software version 2.08 installed. If you have a Viper system with a prior software version, you can update it by downloading version 2.08 software at www.ravenprecision.com.

Please contact your Territory Sales Representative, Precision Ag Specialist, or call Raven Industries at 800-243-5435 for more information.

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