Release of New AutoBoom G2 System

Date: Sep 02, 2005 --

Sioux Falls, SD—Raven Industries announces the release of its’ new AutoBoom System G2. The G2 offers users an ultrasonic version of the AutoBoom—Raven’s automatic boom height management system. The previously released G1 System uses wheels to gauge the distance to the ground while the G2 system uses state of the art ultrasonic sensors that gauge distance to the ground. G1 systems are typically used for pre-emergent applications and can easily be upgraded to G2 systems by purchasing the G2 upgrade kit.

According to Monty Shivak, Raven AutoBoom Manager, "With over 1,000 G1 ‘wheeled’ systems in operation in North America and Australia we are proud to release the G2! The G2 System will allow a sprayer to run with the wheels touching the ground or fully suspended via the ultrasonic sensors. Already, we have received excellent customer response from the 125 early release G2 units. This fall we will be in full production on major brand sprayers."

Since its’ release in 2004, AutoBoom has become the leader in automatic boom height control. The AutoBoom systems use a state of the art hydraulic system in which the hydraulic valves constantly stay open—allowing the booms to adjust nearly instantaneously to the terrain without compromising the sprayer's speed.

The AutoBoom system is user friendly and takes less than a day to install. The simple operation of the AutoBoom increases sprayer efficiency and accuracy while minimizing operator fatigue and stress.

Raven Industries has 25 years of experience in developing unique solutions for agriculture. In its boom management product line, Raven Industries now offers variable rate application control systems, AccuBoom zone management systems, as well as the AutoBoom position control system. Raven also offers a full line of guidance, steering, and control systems. Innovations from Raven make planting, fertilizing, and chemical applications easier and more affordable than ever.

For more information about the Raven AutoBoom G2 or other products from the Flow Controls Division, contact us.