Release of SmarTrax DM Steering Assist

Date: Oct 03, 2005 --

Sioux Falls, SD -- Raven Industries announces the release of the latest addition to its' steering family, SmarTrax DM Steering Assist System. The new SmarTrax DM Steering Assist system is easily added onto current SmarTrax units, or purchased as a complete kit.

According to Matthew Willard, Business Development Manager for FC, "When SmarTrax Steering Assist was first released two years ago, the market response was overwhelming-- the investment costs were low, and the performance was so high. SmarTrax DM Steering Assist was engineered along the same lines, it is a simple add on to your system, with low investment costs and high performance."

SmarTrax DM Steering Assist system allows operators to get more out of their existing investment by upgrading to just the new parts needed, or buying the entire package at once. The complete SmarTrax DM Steering Assist system includes the Raven 410 receiver, SmarTrax DM Software and the Raven GPS enhancer. SmarTrax controllers, lightbars and HydraSteer Hydraulic Steering kits must be purchased separately.

SmarTrax DM Steering Assist utilizes Raven's unique steering methods and Smart Bar technology to create excellent steering at an affordable price. These exclusive technologies, along with the 20 Hz update rate and superior navigation capabilities of the Raven GPS receivers allow the system to operate effectively at speeds of up to 20 mph.

Raven Industries has 25 years of experience in developing unique solutions for agriculture. In its boom management product line, Raven Industries now offers variable rate application control systems, AccuBoom zone management systems, as well as the AutoBoom position control system. Raven also offers a full line of guidance, steering, and control systems. Innovations from Raven make planting, fertilizing, and chemical applications easier and more affordable than ever.

For more information about the SmarTrax DM Steering Assist or any of the Raven products call 1-800-243-5435 or e-mail at