Switch Pro

Date: Oct 09, 2008 --

Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Raven Industries is excited to introduce Switch Pro: a simple-to-use product controller with advanced technology. Switch Pro provides a state-of-the-art control system when teamed up with the superior technology of Envizio Pro or Viper Pro field computers. Switch Pro eliminates consoles from the cab providing more room with less clutter by combining the technology of several devices into one easy-to-use console including: single product control (liquid or NH3), 10 boom section control, a speed sense control and AccuBoom boom section control. With rising input costs, the payback period for new advances in precision technology has improved significantly for growers, especially when it comes to applying liquid fertilizer, ammonia and other farm chemicals. The cost savings for Switch Pro automatic section control can vary from 5% to 30% over manual operation, depending on the shape and size of the field, the type of application and the actual equipment/system used.

“I did not expect such an overwhelming positive response,” said Jeff Ballard, Product Manager at Raven Industries, regarding a test launch of Switch Pro, “The simplicity of override toggle switches makes their day just that much easier. I would not want to be the one to try to remove Switch Pro from their sprayer.”

Growers using any of Raven’s spray controllers, like the proven Raven 440, can now upgrade easily to one of Raven’s multi-function field computers using Raven’s new Switch Pro automatic section control capability. Switch Pro plugs directly into Raven’s Envizio Pro or Viper Pro field computer, giving growers a powerful new management duo for greater savings in time, labor and materials. Switch Pro’s single product, automatic on-off section control is ideally suited for nearly all spray equipment— and is easily installed with existing cabling.

With a Raven field computer, Switch Pro improves coverage while avoiding no-spray zones and previously sprayed areas for chemical savings of up to eight percent or more. Don’t take our word for it...Lane Yoder of Hills, IA upgraded his Raven 440 with an Envizio Pro field computer and Switch Pro. “We really like the ease of use and full control we have over everything,” he said. Melvan Vanlandingham of Plainview, TX adds: “I like having one screen and one switch box in my cab. It is clean and simple compared to what I used to have.”

Switch Pro Features:

  • Ten boom switches and master control at your finger tips
  • Toggle switches override AccuBoom by boom section
  • Simple increase/decrease switch to either bump rate or manually control flow
  • Interfaces with Envizio Pro or Viper Pro field computers
  • Mounting systems and compact design reduces cab clutter
  • Simple installation (uses existing 440, 450 or 4400 console cables)
  • AccuBoom control is standard (no additional charge for this great money-saving technology)
  • Precision liquid control or NH3